COMPUTER VIRUS HELL: For years, I had always laughed at everyone getting their panties in a twist over the threat of computer viruses and hacker attacks. Well, kids, I'm not laughing tonight. Along with thousands of others on Monday, my computer was infected with the LuvSan/MsBlast worm virus and it took erasing my hard drive to get rid of it. It was like Ripley fighting off the Alien monsters. Even after I erased the hard drive and reinstalled and got back on the internet, it immediately became reinfected. I am not as computer savvy as I look or sound, but I found out today that many computers getting this virus were being targeted by hackers who found vulnerable systems. Of course, I am a music downloading junkie and had no firewall or any kind of protection running so I basically had a big flag waving to all the hackers to use my computer for whatever they wanted. The folks at BellSouth and Symantec got me fixed finally and I didn't lose any data. FrontPage program is corrupted and that means I cannot update the main website at until I get it fixed. Luckily I had updated the site before all this happened, so it can float out there in the world wide web for awhile. For the next week, check back here for updates. I need a lie down. Night all. Don't forget to buy a copy of Better To Travel. It's out now, you know. Night all.


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