NEW POETRY PUBLISHED: This has been a banner weekend! Not only has Velvet Mafia published three of my new poems, but I found out yesterday that Poetry Super Highway has made me their poet of the week for Nov. 3 - 9. Three brand new poems -- Undefined, Drag and Peter Greenaway -- are featured on the site. This is a nice cherry on top of an already fantastic Saturday. Read below.

READING AND SIGNING IN COLUMBUS: I drove down to Columbus, GA last night with the wonderful Lisa Allender as my navigator for a reading and signing of Better To Travel at the Barnes & Noble in Columbus. I was blown away by the talent during the open mic portion of the evening (esp. Ron Self and the brilliant Adrian Massey) and the turn out in general. Wow! Many thanks to Deborah Hawthorne-Tainsh (another great poet) and B&N's CRM Patty Chamberlain for making me feel so welcome. I'll be back down in Columbus on Saturday, Nov. 22 to sign the anthology Shout Them From the Mountain Tops. Can't wait to go back.


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