HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IGNORED: Iraq had no link to the Sept. 11 attacks or Al-Qaeda...what a fucking shock. We attacked the country for no good reason. However, Bush and his minions will tell you that Hussein was an evil dictator who terrorized his people and committed horrible attrocities against them. Well, then...why doesn't Bush turn his eyes toward the Darfur region of Sudan in Africa where a humanitarian disaster is underway. Women being raped, children starving and men executed by an Arab militia hellbent on wiping the natives out. Over ONE MILLION people have been displaced and a famine is imminent. Is Bush going to send troops over there to stop this? To my knowledge he hasn't even mentioned it. The only place you'll see this news is in the European media, which isn't preoccupied with putting Reagan's corpse up on pedestal as the American media. Bush wants more money for troops, but he's only interested in invading countries that will benefit his rich friends and vice-president and avenge his poor old maligned daddy. And it's not all America's fault - my dear old UK needs to get off its Iraqi high-horse and step in as well. While we may not be able to topple the government, we could at least liberate the people imprisoned and forced to starve. I guess if there was oil in Darfur, we'd be swarming all over the place. Go to this link at the BBC to find out how you can make a donation to help. If that link dies, go to , the World Food Programme created by the United Nations. I donated this evening. Making a difference starts with small gestures.


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