NEW POEM TO BE PUBLISHED: Atlanta's wonderful literary magazine, Terminus, has selected my poem "Three Mile Island" for its fall issue. I'm very excited. Thanks to Travis and Mike at Terminus for making the end of my week.

BUSH IS A BIG MO: That's mo as in moron. How can that stupid hick sonofabitch sit there and continue to lie to the American public about Iraq? He should be impeached. I think this is much worse than getting head from an intern. Bush and Dick "I'm hidin' the bunker" Cheney manipulated the facts and the American people to scare them into believing that Iraq and Hussein played a part in Sept. 11. And what REALLY pisses me off is how Hannity and these other Nazi right wing Republican blowhards accuse anyone who criticizes Bush and his motives as being un-American. Sure, I believe all thos Al-Qaeda fucks should be rounded up and shot on sight...generally everyone supports that...but we're too busy trying to fix Iraq that we've totally lost the plot. Maybe it will take another terrorist attack in the US to get the point across, and maybe then all these Republican fuckwits will get their heads out of their asses and wise up. I still don't like Kerry much, but I'd take a small house plant as president over what we've got now.


Anonymous said…
The real question is not whether Bush is Charlie McCarthy, but who is Edgar Bergen?? Did Bush 43 listen to his Dad only so far, then follow his "higher Father?" Can you hum a few bars of "Onward Christian Soldiers?" Listening to Magnetic Fields: Holiday.

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