THINGS I KNOW FOR SURE: Oh, that's a bit Oprah isn't it?'s what I know for sure anyway. I will definitely be back out in Southern California in late 2005. I've got readings confirmed at the Barnes & Noble at Hazard Center in San Diego (thanks, Seretta!) on Monday, January, 17; on Tuesday, Jan. 18 back up in LA with the Redondo Poets (thanks, Larry!) and then on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at the Ugly Mug down in Orange with those fabulous Poetry Idiots, Ben and Steve. I think I'm more excited about this trip to SoCal than I was at the last one back in February. I had a blast, don't get me wrong. It was like poetry nirvana, but there was also some drama going on behind the scenes. This time, I'm renting a car and handling it all myself. I think I'll be out there for a week or so, dropping in on some open mics and hopefully meeting all the people I didn't get to meet last time (this means you Brendan Constantine and Dina Hardy...if you're both still there).

I'm also 99 percent for sure that later this fall, I'm going to compile some of my live gigs into a CD. Those Ugly Mug boys recorded my show back in February when I was out in LA and the fabulous Jennifer Perry has offered me the loverly CorgiManor Studio to do some recording. I'll keep you posted.

This has been a VERY good poetry day!


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