NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION SHOCK: The CIA has declared that Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction. Not only that, Saddam hadn't made any since 1991 after the first Gulf War. What that means is that Bush and Cheney have lied to the American public over and over and over. LIED! Over 1,000 Americans are dead and countless innocent Iraqis because of Dubya and this stupid fucking war. If you still plan to vote for Bush, then you as stupid as he is. You should have your voter card revoked for being a fascist I'll take Kerry "flip-flopping" on his feelings on Iraq anyday over this warmongering bunch of zealots in the White House today.


David Herrle said…
Well, although I assume the voter card revocation comment is meant to emphasize your understandable anger, a serious revocation of such *would* be a fascist - or, more generally, Statist or totalitarian - action.

If the hunt for "card-carryin'" commies was wrong back in the 1950s and 1960s, then so would the treatment of so-called fascists.

The fascists run by Mussolini and Hitler, let's keep in mind, shared more with the socialist left than a right-wing anti-socialism. They condemned capitalists (particularly Christian and Jewish "usurers"), cheered for workers' management of factories, confiscation of church property, minimum wage, etc. The Nazis' love of red was partly in competition for the support of the many like-minded socialists (who had already set the table for the Nazis to "legally" and smoothly take power. Whew. :)

But I'm being picky for the sake of pickiness. :)

As for the justification of the Iraq war, I must say that initiating force - especially under such pretenses - is very dangerous to *our* freedom. Not only is it adverse to genuinely capitalist morals (which eliminate the use of initial force in economic/social dealings), but it sets a precedent for continuous offense against any stated "threat" or "enemy" - including citizens with different political views.

Observe Russia at the moment. The press is stomped and political opposition is being arrested. Putin has finally shown his true colors, the beast. He was a murderous KGB goon in the past - and scorpions rarely give up their sting.

Quite a volatile planet we tread.
Anonymous said…
Oh Collin, I miss you, especially your sense of humor! Although, I can hear you saying the things you post on your site, which still cracks me up, so I guess that will have to suffice. I'm in Munich right now, and my man Ulf will be visiting me next week back in Graz, Austria where classes begin this week. Tell Java Monkey that I say hello! All the best, --Kristi Kontak

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