WEBSITE UPDATE FOR OCTOBER: The main site at has been updated for October. I was thrilled to find out last night that two of my poems are in the new political edition of The Pedestal magazine. One of the poems, Subliminal Messages in Campaign Advertising, is my rant against Dubya that first appeared on this blog. The other poem is AIDS Suite, which is dedicated to my uncle, Terry Graves, who succumbed to the disease 10 years ago this year. It's a very emotional work...I've only read it once in public. To have it on The Pedestal where everyone can read is a great honor to me, Terry and the millions who have lost their fight against AIDS. You can jump directly to the poems from this link.

Also at the site you will find a new page for the CD, HalfLife Crisis, which is still under construction. More content will be added as the release date for the CD (sometime in November) draws near.

Last night, Sholeh Wolpe gave a fabulous reading at my B&N open mic. She'll be at Java Monkey on Sunday night. Don't forget tonight is the Terminus reading at Sycamore Place Gallery. I'll be reading with Thomas Lux, Leon Stokesbury, Beth Gylys, Nathen Deen and Kodac Harrison. More info about this is at the main site, too.


BLUE said…
AIDS Suite is ... breathless. very moving. thanks for working through what had to be "tender" in order to get to this. light! ~BLUE
There is a nerve - honest and beauteous - and AIDS Suite hit it. Great work.

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