Friends and Poets,

Bush has won another term as president. We are now facing four more years of fear and division in this country. Keep in mind that Dubya received (at this writing) only around 3.5 million more votes than Kerry. That number is LESS than the population of the city of Atlanta. Think about that for a moment.

What it shows me is that America is still a deeply divided country. All morning long, I have heard over and over that this election was decided on "morals and values." Dubya and his zealot followers have brainwashed half this nation into giving up their civil rights by creating an atmosphere of fear and hate. The country has been hijacked by a segment of right-wing Christian Nazis who would strip away all rights if given the opportunity. This is why America is hated around the world. We attempt to force Christianity and our "morals and values" on a world that does not want or need them.

Here at home, gays, women and other minorities have become victims of domestic terrorism. While we wage a "war" on terror in the wrong country, bills to amend state constitutions around the country were passed yesterday. In Georgia, more than 60 percent voted to ban gay marriage and potentially strip away other rights of gays and lesbians in this state. In some other states, the percent was even higher. The Christian right has whipped the nation into a frenzy of fear and loathing of gays and lesbians, making something as simple as love and commitment an illegal act. While it won't be a popular statement, this, to me, is one step away from a new Nazism.

Here are a few things to look forward to in the next four years:

* A rising body count in Iraq

* The potential invasion of Iran

* The chipping away of civil liberties

* The potential hijacking of our Supreme Court

* The loss of more jobs

* A worsening economy

* The continued rape of the environment

* Isolation from the rest of the world

* Another terrorist attack that will cost thousands of more lives

Rather than keeping our posture as world bully, America should be rebuilding its ties with the rest of the world. We are the hated nation. It is no surprise that other countries want to attack us and hate us. We have indeed brought this on ourselves, not just in the last four years, but for the last 50. Rather than continuing this path, we should be working to build unity in the world. How can we ever expect Israel and Palestine to find peace when we promote war and division around the globe? The next four years should have been rebuilding years...setting us on a road to peace. Instead we will continue down a dark road of uncertainty, war and fear.

Over the next four years, Democrats must begin the process of finding a stronger candidate for president. We must find a candidate who can open the eyes of a country deeply brainwashed by religious nuts and warmongers. We must begin NOW to prepare and take back this country in 2008. It is simply life or death. We cannot fail.



Anonymous said…
Guess you'll go from being a Kerry Kool Aid Drinker to a Hillary Kool Aid drinker now. Libs never learn.

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