LAWD, MO' DRAMA: Just a quick entry to catch up on what's been going on the last few days. On Thursday night, I had a hilarious dinner at the always tasty Carroll Street Cafe with Cherryl, Cecilia and Alacia. We were cutting up so much that other tables were staring, and suddenly the music got turned up. Instead of complaining we just started dancing. We dished the po biz dirt, talked about men, basically had a girls night out with me as the honorary girl. Like when am I not. Cecilia came back over to the loft afterwards and we worked on setting up her website and blog. It's a cool site. Check it out at

Earlier on Thursday, I met with John Stephens, artistic director for Theatre Gael , to discuss a production or reading of my play The Dark Horse. There is a good possibility something could happen with it by spring of 2005. We discussed having a reading and maybe some poetry to go with it. Very exciting prospect to have TDH back before an audience.

On Friday, the morning got off to a bad start when I opened my mailbox and found yet another email from local "poet" Cali Starks. I usually scan through it to see what crazy shit he's written, because a few weeks ago, he took a swipe at the judges of the Java Monkey Slam for giving him a bad score. Like a petulent child, he stormed out after his score was called. Then yesterday, he has this homophobic comment about tired of seeing "guys in pink shirts with their alternative lifestyles (cut that shit out)." Well, I shot back an email and told him I may have to sit and listen to his tired, self-important so-called poetry at Java Monkey, but I don't need his homophobic bullshit in my mailbox, so he could "cut that shit out." Of course, being the evil bitch that I am, I cc'd it to those who needed to know. To quote everyone's favorite fag hag, Joan Crawford, "don't fuck with me fellas...this ain't my first time at the rodeo."

Luckily, the day got better with the arrival of the wonderful poet Maureen Seaton. She did a fantastic reading at my open mic at Barnes & Noble at Tech. We had a big crowd (one of the largest we've ever had) and had some of the city's best literatti on the open mic list. After the reading, a group of us went to this little pizza joint up the street from B&N and had some of the worst service ever. The conversation was good and that's what was important! Maureen, her friend Lisbeth, Cherryl and Terminus poetry editor Mike Dokins were all at the table. Mike told me that the next issue (which will include my work) will also feature Tom Lux and Stephen Dobyns (lawdy...the irony). Terminus is, as I've said before, the most gorgeous lit mag I've ever seen. Cherryl said it needs to become the model that other mags (both local and nationally) aspire to. They offer such a great mix of local and national...without the attitude.

Gotta dash. I'm interviewing Maureen for the Business of Words show today. More soon.


BLUE said…
what a cackle i had reading this!!! i still say we need to get the T-Shirts and wear them: "Lawd, Mo' Drama" and on the back, "The Poet's Done Gone." light! ~BLUE

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