GREETINGS FROM LA: This blog entry is going to look a little different, because I don't have control over the formatting. I decided not to bring my laptop because the hotel has computers in each room...of course it's web on the TV with a wireless keyboard. No offense to those who use this daily, but what a giant pain in the ass.

Anyway, this trip has been both hectic and thrilling. On Monday I flew into LAX, picked up a rental car and drove down to San Diego for my reading at the B&N hosted by the lovely Seretta Martin. I don't mind flying, it's just the delays and hurry-up-and-wait aspect of the airport that drives me crazy. I had to wait in a long line to pick up my rental car, but once I was on the road, I made it to San Diego fast. I drove along the 5, with the Pacific Ocean off to my right gleaming in the beautiful sunny and warm weather. It's been in the 80s all week.

There was a great audience at B&N and I moved books and CDs at a good pace. The calibre of readers at B&N was high and although I was exhausted from my day of travel, it was a pleasure to hear everyone. After the reading, Seretta had a few people back to her home for a reception. We sat up late talking and by the time I fell into bed, I was past tired. Thanks to Seretta for being a great hostess and having me at her reading!

On Tuesday, I drove back up to Long Beach and checked into the hotel. It's right on Ocean Blvd. and when I look out my window, I have a beautiful view of the ocean and the Queen Mary docked in the harbor. I walked around Long Beach yesterday afternoon, stopped at a bookstore, had coffee and met up with Alan Wright, a friend of Lisa Allender's who is a tv director. He's getting ready to make his first feature film and we talked about me helping him polish up the dialogue on another film project. I've written a couple of screenplays (one of my many past lives), so it would be interesting to get back involved. I can't really say what the project is, but it would be a grand epic, a cross between The English Patient and The Aviator.

Last night, Cecilia Woloch and Larry Colker (who co-hosts the Redondo Poets reading) hosted a dinner at the Redondo Brewery for me. I got to meet a bunch of new folks (including the incredible Brendan of my poetry idols) and see old friends. It was a full house for the reading at the Coffee Cartel, which hosts the Redondo Poets each week. I co-featured with a young poet named Corinna Bain who was wonderful. She's only 21, but she is smokin' hot with her poetry. Expect to hear big things from her. I'm going to try and get her on my radio show soon. I sold out of my books at this show (whoo-hoo!), so now I can focus on selling the CD.

Tonight, I'm off to the OC for my reading at the Ugly Mug. This is one of my favorite places to read, so I'm already excited. I'm off for now to do more exploring. Cheers!


Anonymous said…
Hi Collin,

Collin it's Teka-Lark, the Hello Kitty poem, the last reader at the Ugly Mug, you were awesome man, you rocked, but from looking at your site, it seems like you get alot of that already, but still you did, I live in Hollywood, but it was so worth coming out to the OC, to see you read, yay, Collin Rocks.

Most sincerely,

Teka-Lark Lo
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you're having fun. Write more reports soon!

David Herrle said…
Happy adventures, Collin!

But beware. I hear there are homosexual types in Cali, so be on guard. :)

If you need any help, contact Donald Rumsfeld for immediate assistance.


(Sorry. Weird mood today.)

Safe trip returning!


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