ICE, ICE BABY: For once the weathermen were right - we got a nasty ice storm in Atlanta today. The roads have been treacherous, the airport was closed and many have lost power. Luckily, (knock wood) everything has been okay in my little corner of downtown. I had stocked up on supplies (milk, but no bread), had some movies to watch, books to read and poetry to work on. This has actually been a fabulous day for me. I love being warm and cozy in my loft and having absolutely nothing to do, but what I choose.

Today was originally going to be quite busy. I had a Poetry Atlanta board meeting in Decatur this morning and then I was going to tape a couple of shows for The Business of Words. I'd like to say I was disappointed all of this got cancelled, but I'm not! I read today, worked on those poems, watched some telly, caught up with poetry pal Tania Rochelle, made dinner and just relaxed. The lights blinked a few times, but the electricity has stayed on (knock wood).

A couple of friends (and even my mother) called to say they were bored. Not me. The next couple of weeks are going to be hectic, full of events and work commitments, so a day of nesting is just what the doctor ordered.

As a side note, Cecilia Woloch's blog is now up and running with her first posting about arriving in Paris. She so perfectly captures the city. Check out her blog at this link.


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