MUSIC MAKES THE PEOPLE COME TOGETHER: I haven't offered up any music recommendations lately, and since I was just over at iTunes blowing my allowance, I thought it was time to mention a few tunes that were moving me and grooving me. All of them are available on iTunes (unless noted):

Bedshaped - Keane: This UK band has been floating just under my radar for about a year, but after I saw them perform this tune at Live 8, I decided it was time to purchase the album. Brilliant, moody stuff, esp. this single...the final one from their debut album Hopes & Fears. The piano riff here is classic.

Unplayed Piano - Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan: This is such a moving song, dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi, who just spent her 60th birthday under house arrest in Rangoon. The Nobel Peace Prize winner has been under house arrest for a decade for leading the pro-Democracy movement. Who would have thought a song about being under house arrest could be so exquisite. If you want to know more about Kyi and sign a petition for her release, visit The Burma Campaign site. Proceeds from purchasing the single go to the Burma Campaign. It's only 99 cents...don't be cheap.

Lose Control - Missy Elliott featuring Ciara and Fat Man Scoop: A storming summer hit with some of the quickest rhymes and beats ever. The video for this song is a stunner, too. I love the line where Missy sings "systematic, ecstatic, this hit be automatic." Absolutely!

You're Beautiful - James Blunt: Another UK act who has held on to both the single and album chart for weeks across the pond. This elegant, simple song is a grower.

Shiver - Natalie Imbruglia: For some unexplained reason, this single has not been released in the US, although its been a hit in Europe and the album it comes from in the top of the charts for months. Of course, Natalie had a huge hit back in 1998 with Torn and Shiver is even better. This melancholy tune is accompanied by a gritty Bourne Identity video complete with car chase. If you go to this link, you can watch and listen if you have Windows Media Player.

Hide & Seek - Imogen Heap: The beguiling voice of Frou Frou (best known for the song Let Go from the Garden State soundtrack) on her new solo single. At first listen this may sound cold, with the entire song vocodered to within an inch of its life, but it's quite gorgeous. Reminds me of Laurie Anderson, which ain't a bad thing.

Wires - Athlete: I've been in love with this song for months, after it first came out in the UK. Now it's released in America. They remind me of an even darker Coldplay. The song seems to be about a father rushing to the beside of his newborn daughter. Haunting.

Love Has No Name - Babble: This is my oldie pick, well sorta oldie. Babble is actually Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie, who you probably remember as the Thompson Twins. They released two albums under the name Babble including Ether in 1996. This was the single. This is an ambient, chill-out groove supreme. Nothing like Thompson Twins, who I loved, but who would have thought they could have created this?! More, please.

Twentyfourseven - Artful Dodger: Oldie pick number two. Released in 2001, this pulsing pop confection features Melanie Blatt (just off the break up of girl group All Saints) purring over a acoustic Latin guitars that are braced by one of the most catchy rhythms ever. "If you want me to do you right, you're gonna have to love me day and night, twentyfourseven love you know..."

Who Knows Where the Time Goes - Judy Collins: I adore Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny, who originally recorded this tune, but I've heard Judy Collins do this live and it's so stunning. When I met Judy a few years ago, she was so cool and chatty and when I produced my ancient vinyl copy of Judith (the album with Send In the Clowns) she signed it and we talked about it. After we talked during her break, she came on and did Who Knows Where the Times Goes and I must admit I was verklempt. iTunes has the version from Live From Wolf Trap. Brilliant.



Anonymous said…
What a bizarre sortment of music you're listening to these days.

Ryan said…
Thanks Collin! You know what for.

Oh I see Gav can't stop by and tell me hi now I am really depressed.
Collin said…
Don't be sad,Ryan. Gav is busy with his bf and soaking up LA. He seems to love I figured he would. I doubt he'll be back. I'm going out there in October, so I hope to see him.

You still need to come up to the city and check out the poetry scene. Expand your horizons.

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