GOD SAID, HA! Dubya continues to pander to his right-wing, Christian fundamentalist base by encouraging the teaching of creationism...oh, excuse me, "intelligent design"...in science classrooms. During a roundtable meeting with reporters yesterday in Texas. So much for separation of church and state. Three more years of this moron? God really has deserted us if you ask me. Or, he's sitting somewhere laughing his ass off.

While Dubya was pushing his personal religion down the throats of Americans, more troops died in Iraq as plans for the US and Britain to withdraw troops ramps up. Didn't Rummy Rumsfeld say just a few months ago we'd be in Iraq for 10 years or more? With Dubya's popularity numbers in the toilet and the Republican party starting to wring its hands over the return of a Democratic president in 2008, suddenly it's time to leave Iraq. The urgency of the withdrawal was underlined in London yesterday when British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the presence of British and US troops in Iraq was fuelling the Sunni-led insurgency. So, let me get this straight...we illegally invaded a country, we've had our asses beaten by the insurgency and now we're cutting and running leaving the country to fall into a civil war. Why haven't impeachment proceedings been started against Dubya? We've lost 1,800 of our troops and scores of Iraqi civilians lost their lives. Democracy may be on the march, as Dubya continually likes to remind us, but death appears to be at the head of the line in Iraq. Shameful.

Yesterday, the California Supreme Court ruled that business must provide benefits to domestic partners. Businesses that provide discounts, special services or other privileges to married couples must extend the same rights and benefits to same-sex couples registered as state domestic partners, the California Supreme Court decided 6-0 on Monday. I'm sure the Christians in Cali are frothing at the mouth in righteous anger. Good.

In other news, I am officially a lazy bastard. For the last seven years or so, I have faithfully driven out of my way to rent videos and DVDs from a local, independent store that specializes in foreign films. However, the last few times I've gone there, the movies I've wanted to see are always out and, unlike one of the big chains, they don't stock multiple copies. So...I joined Netflix. This is going to be like crack for me. I may never leave the house. I got an email today telling me that in my mailbox tomorrow would be Vera Drake and Downfall. I can watch them at my leisure, return them for free in post-paid envelopes at my leisure and two more will magically appear in my mailbox. I'm practically quivering with excitement.

Also, on Sunday night I met Cherryl Floyd-Miller for dinner and to catch up on our lives, writing, etc. Then we went over to Java Monkey Speaks to hear the brilliant Natasha Trethewey read from her forthcoming collection, Native Guard. This book is going to catapult her into the poetry stratosphere. I can see a Pulitzer nomination...the work is that good. The place was packed and there were some cracked out, drunks on the mic toward the end, but a very enjoyable (and warm) evening. Last night, Theresa Davis featured at House of Poets and rolled out what I call her "b-sides" rather than her well-known "greatest hits." It was great work, but it was a tiny crowd. She wowed us regardless, as always.


Anonymous said…
Your going to hell.
Anonymous said…
That's where all the fun people will be!
Bookfraud said…
your (sic) going to hell indeed. w.'s brain-dead comments on "intelligent design" are such pandering that even i can't believe the man meant them. or maybe he really is that stupid to believe intelligent design is a real theory. or that evolution hasn't been been proven again and again and again and...

scummy rummy indeed. glad to hear you're on the tail of a hot poet. i mean supporting a hot poet. seacrest out.
Collin said…
Thank you, anonymous. I'll save you a place right next to me. Moron.
Teamaster said…
Heh-heh. Ole Davey needs to toss his two pesos in, of course.

First of all, let me tell you about the ironic situation that pertains tho the Intelligent Design issue.

I happened to fall into a discussion about ID at work the other day. I was specifying the crucial difference between genuine ID and Creationism, why it's a valid theory, and why Creationists should stay off its back and stop trying to Trijan-horse their way into public school curriculum.

So. Next day. Someone's reading a newspaper ahead of me on the subway. I spot an alarming headline. Something like: BUSH DEFENDS INTELLIGENT DESIGN INCLUSION or whatever.


I HATE it when a buffoon or at least a ruined figurehead endorses something - or appears to endorse something or exploits something - that is decent and/or is something I subscribe to!

Like when Jesse Jackson jumped on the "save Terri" bandwagon: I graoned then, too. (I've shared my cautious concerns about that mess before.)

Bush supporting ID is like putting a bullet to the real theory's skull and blowing its brains out. From now on (more so than before) folks will hear "Intelligent Design" and immediately think "Bush" - and then "idiot, wacko, religidiot," etc. Ugh. I don't blame them for their perspective, but in this case...it's right AND wrong.

So as not to wear out my welcome here, I'll keep my reasons as brief as possible.

Genuine, frank ID scientists will tell you that the question of God and possible creation, etc., is relegated to religion.

Intelligent Design theory in a nutshell?

1. There is evident design in nature that implies intelligence.
2. This can be studied, focusing on "specified complexity," for instance.

So ID is an evolutionary theory and not a full refutation. Design theorists see an alarming dogmatization of strict evolution as taught and understood that *threatens the spirit and safeguards of scientific knowledge and learning* by slipping out of THEORY mode and into indisputable FACT mode. In other words, IDers question the lack of respect for the scientific method and forum of challenge within the evolution realm.

So ID scientists want to get back to healthy theories instead of religion-type squelching of almost any dispute about strict evolution. When folks get angry and slam any question concerning evolution, essentially shutting down proper discussion, then there's something wrong - something akin to the "intolerant" refusal of many religious fanatics who disallow any real argument concerning their staunch beliefs and policies.

Creationsim is not the same as ID theory. Creationism posits a much younger earth, rejects most evolution-related aspects, etc.

ID's main point is evident design, recognizable patterns, the ultra-improbability of certain things coalescing by pure chance.

Even atheist evolutionist biologist Richard Dawkins said that biological study involves looking at "complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose."

So real design and apparent (illusory) design become the two main points in the ID challenge to regular evolutionary "theory" (treated and sold as fact in many cases).

Folks bash Creationsim for trying to teach kids to assume that a god intended the universe, etc., but they fail to point out that what kids learn now is an *a priori* belief that all is a result of purely physical, undesigned processes flowing forth by pure chance. This, too, is an unproven/unprovable basis. But it's accepted.

And I'm sorry, but the solidarity that many folks say strict evolution has on its side is a stacked deck. Mostly through THEIR *faithful* approach and basic assumptions do non-design evolutionists support their dogma. (Not to mention absence of transitional fossil records, "immediate" species from the Cambrian explosion, the problems in the embryological evidence - not to mention ERnst Haeckal's fraudulent illustrations, and son on.)

This leaves the masses to act on a cursory knowledge of entrenched evolutionary theory without really exploring the ins and outs of ID theory - and disrespecting the nature of THEORY without realizing it - so that it's easy (and understandable) to confuse Creationism and religious pandering with a very valid, well-supported scientific study.

I've listened to lectures and read articles and papers by serious IDers, and most of them didn't touch on the God question at all - and if you heard them without knowing they were from the ID camp, you'd probably think they were typical evolutionists who found some new angles on the subject (the way it's SUPPOSED to work).

Bush's agenda? I doubt he's plugging ID for ID's sake or for scientific integrity's sake. This IS a religious pander for him. and HIS brand of "ID" is certainly an appeal to renamed Creationism.

STAY OUT, W! You're F-ing it all up!!!

(Sorry for the long wind. And for the hastily typed spiel. I hope it made SOME sense. I'm juggling a million other things and I tried to squeeze in my thoughts the best I could under the crummy circumstances.)

Teamaster said…
TrOjan horse, rather! Augh! so many typos in my last post!!!

Cleo said…
Re: "Going to Hell"

That reminds me of the great story of Hatuey, the great indian chief in Cuba. When the spanish had him at the stake, torches in hand, for not converting to christianity and ordering his tribes to convert.

The Spanish gave him one last chance, here's the conversation (paraphrased) that took place.

Spanish Solderis: "Chief Hatuey, if you convert now and become a christian we won't be forced to burn you alive, this is your last chance."

Chief Hatuey: "So tell me, if I convert to Christianity and go to this place called Heaven, since all of you men are 'christians', does that mean you'll be there too?"

Spanish Soldiers: "Absolutely, we're all good Christians and pray to our God and Jesus, and expect to be rewarded in heaven for our righteous deeds on his behalf."

Chief Hatuey: "Then light the fire, cause if Heaven is filled with the likes of you, that's the last damn place I ever want to go."

The Spanish soliders burned Chief Hatuey alive and killed many of his followers. Cuba has no remaining active native american tribes on the island.

(Bacardi now makes a kick-ass beer named after Hatuey, there's even his picture on the bottle.
Teamaster said…
Re: Hatuey,hell, etc.

Cool story, but such examples seem to be more popular than opposite stories. So I treat it as a shining episode of a man resisting evil instead of a pagan resisting Christianity. Once the line of decency and mercy is crossed in such a way (such as burning so-called herestics), evil and good take precedent as description.

Consider the amazing ordeals of Christian Richard Wurmbrand who was abused captive in a Rumanian Communist prison. He and other Christians were tortured and mauled for theior belief - and were doubly beaten and gashed when the prisoners insisted on continuing their faith and helping other prisoners (surrendering their own bread for sicker folks, etc.).

One Christian was methodically beaten to death over a few weeks (in the testicles, feet, ,and other parts of his body until his life gave out. One scumbag said things like, "I am God. I have the power of life and death over you."

At one point Wurmbrand had 8 vertabrae broken, lots of broken bones, and 18 holes put into his body.

Some believer prisoners were tied to crosses and pissed on by guards. Wurbrand remembers one taunt: "Look at your Christ! How beautiful he is! What fragrance he brings from heaven."

Maybe folks like Wurmbrand deserve a brew named after them, too.

So religious evil-doers aren't the only ones to cheer against. Ideological materialists make great thugs and demons as well.

Just to make things clear. :)

Collin said…
Thanks for all the comments guys (esp. my man D. for always bringing insight to the blog). I appreciate the support and posts. Keep 'em coming.
Anonymous said…
I honor Chief Hatuey every time I hawk a loogie!
Teamaster said…
Right on, Collin! I figure I at least help stir some more spiels - typos and all! :)


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