NAKED, PAGAN & UNCENSORED: That's the name of the Art Amok New Year's Eve show I'm organizing for Word Diversity Collective at 7 Stages theater. The event will run from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and will feature a diverse line up of poets, musicians, dancers and theater performances. On the bill so far: Cherryl Floyd-Miller (who's featured in the new issue of Poetry - congrats, honey!), Rupert Fike, Dr. Madelyn Hatter, Lisa Allender performing cuttings from her new one woman show Show & Tell, Karen G., Theresa Davis, Jessica Hand, Karen Wurl and many more.

Last weekend, Word Diversity and 7 Stages hosted Cafe Medusa, which was a blinding success. There were hundreds of people there and events ran from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. all over the theater space. It was a bit dizzying, so I'm planning to make Naked... a bit more linear. All the performances will be on the mainstage and we'll have interludes where people can come out in the lobby and hear music and get food and drinks. This will definitely be a different kind of event for New Year's Eve. I'm quite excited.

Just finished up a photo shoot for the What Remains cover and for the website. My friend Brent brought his whole set up...lights, tripods, etc...and I almost felt like a supermodel. I hate having my photo taken and I'm very picky about what I want (and how I look in them...yeah, I'm so vain), but Brent was very professional, listened to my ideas and it was two and half hours well spent. I am in the process of redesigning the main site at and it will launch in January. Once again, I'm going for a tasteful, simple, easy to navigate site. More on this soon.

Last night, I finally sat down and wrote the first poem about the trip to San Francisco, a month ago to the day I was there. It took that long to process the experience, and the poem was prompted by pulling laundry out of the dryer. Kate Bush is right...doing the wash can be inspirational.


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