HOMOPHOBE OF THE WEEK: The State of Georgia
After a superior court judge struck down the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, our bloated, do-nothing, pandering, desperate for re-election Gov. Sonny Perdue announced he would call a special session of the general assembly (taxpayer cost: $40,000 per day) in August to get the issue back on the November ballot unless the state supreme court overturns the lower court's decision. The judge did not strike down the amendment over civil rights issues (although I hope she's one of those "activist" judges who recognizes when human rights are being trampled upon, and was looking for any possible loophole), but because of the wording on the ballot, which would also ban civil partnerships between men and women. Some Republicans are really, really stupid...not to mention fascist pigs.

Georgia law already defines marriage as between a man and a woman, but more than 70 percent of Georgia's bible-thumping rednecks decided that the state constitution was missing a little intolerance in 2004 and voted to amend the document. Republicans are in seriously deep shit around the country thanks to Dubya and Co. This kind of posturing is simply playing to the base of right-wing Christian whackjobs...most of whom she be buried up to their necks and stoned to death. Hey...the Bible says it's okay.

You can read all about it here.

UPDATE: The Democrats running for governor lost my vote today as well. Both Cathy Cox and Mark Taylor flip-flopped their position from 2004 and now support the special session and constitutional amendment. Cox said in 2004 the amendment was unnecessary and pandering to Republicans' conservative base. I guess Cox and Taylor have decided their moral convictions don't add up to much in an election year. Both of you should be ashamed.


nolapoet said…
Like they really care what happens to us and our families. One would hope they're just trying to get elected and will flop back later.
BlueTattoo said…
Being a lesbian from a redneck NC burg, I wholly understand the nature of this particular business. It is painful to experience bias on any level; especially so for one's choice of life/love expression.

I read your blog often, Collin, and enjoy your commentary over at my friend Jenni's...feel free to stop by my site, I'd love to have you. I find your work exceptionally well-written and thought provoking.


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