I CAN'T STAND THE RAIN... especially when it's leaking into my apartment, which it did this past weekend during the monsoon. Readers of this blog may remember that I had this same problem last year, and it was supposedly repaired. However, one corner of my bedroom became a small pond, with water coming from inside the wall and under the baseboard. I had to pull the carpet and pad back, put down towels, turn on fans, use an anti-microbial spray to kill the smell. In short, a total pain in the ass. Sigh. To the apartment complex management's credit, they have been very responsive to this issue, which is a flaw in the building. They've had an army of repairmen, landscapers, etc. trying to get this sorted.

Gentle readers may also remember that this apartment I moved into a little over a year ago was not the apartment I wanted. I was moving into a lovely upper-floor flat overlooking a courtyard until the guy decided the week of his move out that he was staying put. I had already given notice at my loft, changed my address, etc. so I really had no choice but to take whatever apartment was available. I'm in a first floor unit, which is nice, but I hate living on the ground floor. I stuck it out for a year waiting for a better unit to open up, which never happened. Inman Park is a popular neighborhood and this building is always full. That said, the manager called me yesterday and said a second floor unit overlooking the courtyard and pool area, is opening up at the end of July. It's an exact replica of my current apartment, so it won't be hard to figure out what's going where. I'm pretty sure I'm going to take it. I'm ready to leave the ground...and waterfall...behind.

I bout tickets for Malory and I for a weekend showing of Superman Returns. I'm giddy like a schoolgirl about seeing this film. Superman I and II are touchstones for me, and since this new film is a continuation of those, I'm on the verge of becoming a fanboy geek all over again. Brandon Routh (rhymes with mouth...yes, please) is a bit of all right in the Superman suit. My only concern is Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane. Nobody...NOBODY...will ever top Margot Kidder. She is the definitive Lois. Before we head out to the movie, Mal and I are going to the fabulous P'cheen bar and restaurant to watch England v. Portugal in the quarter finals of the World Cup. It will be fun to watch with a bunch of fans! David "Bend it Like" Beckham got the team into the next round with England's only goal on Sunday morning against Ecuador. C'mon England!


Fuck You Google said…
Hey, sweet blog!

I really like it.
bookfraud said…
isn't apartment living grand? isn't just living grand?

let us know how superman returns is -- i loved I and II, so i am half-anticipating, half-dreading this redux...

i don't know why you love england so much. i'm pulling for les blues...sentemental education, you know.
atta boy, don't go chasing waterfalls.
Cleo said…
I went Weds night and really enjoyed it. The twist with Lois Lane having moved on and found a new man and being a single mom definitely gives it a modern turn. I think we can all identify with "complex" personal lives. Kevin Spacey has a great time chewing scenery and Parker Posey does a good job with a limited part, though I kept waiting for her to do more.

The new guy is pretty good, but now I appreciate Christopher Reeves even more and what he did with the part. Also, there was so much buzz about Superman's package you couldn't help but notice it, maybe it can win for best supporting actor.

The plane crash scene in the beginning is pretty amazing.
Collin said…
I saw Brandon Routh interviewed the other day and he's a sexy, sexy man. No one has had the...ahem...balls to ask about his package.

It will be interesting to see what Brandon does after Superman. It will need to be something totally different. Christopher Reeve did some crappy work inbetween Supe flicks, but I will always remember the great work he did in "Somewhere in Time" and "Remains of the Day" with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson.
Anonymous said…
Have a great weekend sweets. I'll try to give you a call on Sunday!

michi said…
ah no, not england! they don't deserve it.

but better england than germany. waaah!

have fun,


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