MOVING HELL: My DSL provider worked some small miracle and has got my connection up and running earlier than expected, so just a quick post this morning to offer these tidbits of advice:

1) Even when you're moving to the other side of the building, hire someone to do it for you.
2) Don't move in August when the temperature is nearly 100 degrees.
3) Less is more...throw away some of your shit (I wish I had).

I must give thanks to Malory, Elizabeth and Brent who have pitched in over the last two days to make this happen. I'm taking them all to a nice dinner once I've regained my sanity and recovered from heat exhaustion. The new apartment is fantastic. I love the view, it's quiet and, despite the hellishness of moving, I already feel more at home in this apartment than I did in the other.

I've a few odds and sods left to move today before walk through and handing over of keys to the old place. More soon.


bookfraud said…
for as much torment as your move sounds, i must admit i laughed at your list. mainly because i've gone through it so many times. throw away crap, hire movers, and stay cool. i usually don't follow those rules, though.

very glad to hear that you have a fantastic new apartment. cool!
Clare said…
Glad the move went well. Do we get to see any pics of the new apartment?
Lisa Allender said…
Collin, I hope you'll get to RELAX for a bit...Please
post a pic of your new place, if you are able. It sounds lovely....
jenni said…
I hate moving. it causes me total anxiety. The reason we still live in the same place is because I hate moving so much! And yes, even if you're only moving two doors down -- hire someone!!

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