BUSY WEEKEND: There wasn't much relaxing going on this weekend as I worked along on various projects that need some kind of closure before I leave this week for England. Had to make a run to Target, which is always packed with people because it's the only place to shop on my side of the city. I had to pick up odds and ends, including a cheap digital camera to take with me. It's a 3 megapixel and won't hold many pics, but it's perfect for me and the price was right: $80. I hope to be able to blog while I'm there and post a few pics.

I managed to have dinner with Malory and then dashed over to 7 Stages for the Art Amok event featuring the fabulous Sonya Renee. It was one of the best open mics I'd been to in ages. Lots of great folk there -- Jon Goode, Ayo, Gypsee Yo (making her first appearance after having her baby), Theresa Davis, Karen G, Stacie B, Rupert and many more. Really great, responsive audience. I trotted out a couple of new poems to see what they would sound like live and get audience feedback. I was pleased. Sonya was on fire as usual...funny, poignant and sassy.

On Sunday, I had lots of paperwork to do at my desk and I also met up with Stan D to work on the big update for Atlanta Rainbow Muse. I'm guest editing the fall/winter edition, which will feature new work by Franklin Abbott, Karen G, Dr. Madelyn Hatter, Cleo Creech and more. Speaking of ARM, the OUTspoken reading at the 2007 AWP Conference here in Atlanta will be on Saturday, March 3, at 10:30 a.m. The location has yet to be announced, but at least we have our time. That same afternoon, I'll be sitting on the Poets & Writers discussion panel.

My interview on The Business of Words with award-winning poet, playwright and screenwriter Robert Earl Price is now available for podcast at Leisure Talk Network. Give it a listen. Many thanks to my producer/engineer Harold Buehl for helping me get the new audio poems from Slow To Burn on my new MySpace site. You can now hear readings of "St. Louis cemetery No. 1," "Slow To Burn," and "Double Fantasy."

Last night, I skipped Java Monkey (sorry Kodac and Sonya) and finished clearing off my desk and then I settled in and read Kate Evan's new poetry collection, Like All We Love. The book has a melancholy and wistful narrative, with lots of pop culture reference and memories of things past that I identified with: The Brady Bunch, Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland, the Virgin Mary...all little memories and minefields I've explored lately. She doesn't waste a word or line in this collection...it's all necessary and vital. I knew Kate would be a poetic kindred spirit and she is. Order your copy from Q Press.


Mmmmmmmmm ... Kate Evans' poetry. To die for.

Who's Q Press?
Anonymous said…
Wow. What I'd consider a busy month you manage in a weekend!
Unknown said…
LOL I'm with Robert! I'm luckt to get the dishes done, maybe some laundry. I'll check out the book. Sounds good. I just love Target. We don't have one but I wish we did.
Anonymous said…
I also wish we had Target too but with the US prices as it's cheaper :).
M. Shahin said…
Target is definitely the place to shop; I always fill up my cart when I go in, which is not a good thing when trying to save money. Hope to see some photos from England soon :-)

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