A DAY IN KENT: Took the train from Victoria Station down to Rochester, Kent today to visit with Krys and Peter (founders of HomeGround magazine) and my friend Donna, who's over from Virginia. Had a lovely day. Walked along the Medway River then had a tasty lunch in a pub called The Ship. The sun came out and all the sailboats on the water were so beautiful. By the by, I love travelling by train in this country. It's inexpensive and efficient. Why can't we have this in America?

The reading at the Poetry Cafe tonight was really nothing more than me doing two poems at the open mic, but nevertheless, it was a great evening. So many great poets packed into the downstairs reading room and so much enthusiasm for newcomers like me. I got back late from Rochester, so there was no time to get back to the hotel to get my work, so I managed to remember both The Virgin Mary Appears in a Highway Underpass and Acid Flashback No. 1 from Slow To Burn. I surprised myself! Annie Mole, who runs the Going Underground blog, showed up and we had a lovely chat.

I am having a ball! More soon!


M. Shahin said…
Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing. Sailboats in the water are beautiful, and brings a more relaxed state of mind.

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