LONDON CALLING: I'm back in London after the long weekend in Haworth. The weather was crap, but it was so amazing to see so many friends, as well as make new ones. The cottage we all shared was lovely and we closed down the Black Bull Pub. The Thrill and The Hurting is more gorgeous than I could have ever dreamed...and it was so nice to meet my coeditor Kyla in person.

The journey to Haworth was exhausting. I've never been so tired. Returning to London was the same. Andrea was a star for driving (and Monty an excellent navigator) for the six hour journey -- both ways -- due to horrible traffic.

I'm at the Tavistock Hotel now and about to head out for lunch and a bit of shopping before meeting friends. Pictures to come soon!


Unknown said…
Have a great time collin! Keep us updated.
Good reference to The Clash, Collin. An important recording. Hope your trip goes well for you.
Rupert said…
wow, love it when the world wide web does its thing - I found a good internet 'cafe' near Covent Garden, L an hour - down the street from the Tesco - and ck out the Reading Room in the middle of the Brit Museum in Bloomsbury - jaw dropping, and so much writing history displayed there
Anonymous said…
Hope you got your winter woolies Collin as the weather is about to get coooold :(.

Glad you are having a fab time in London.
Anonymous said…
Have a blast over there in one of my favorite cities. Keep warm and dry.
Anonymous said…
How was poetry cafe? I wanted to go but - was waylaid by a pumpkin.
Kate Evans said…
Lucky boy! Even with crappy weather, English is fantastico.


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