BUSY SATURDAY AHEAD: I'm pulling double duty this Saturday by performing at two different events. First up is the 3 p.m. gig at the new Wordsmiths Books in Decatur. This new indie store is very cool. It's in an old post office right in downtown and I'll be performing there with other members of Poetry Atlanta, including Karen Wurl, Karen Head, Jon Goode, Dan Veach and Kodac Harrison. The grand opening celebration goes on all weekend with author signings and more, so be sure to drop by if you are in the Atlanta area. Indie bookstores are a dying breed, but Atlanta is a literary community and we have quite a few that continue to survive and thrive. I think Wordsmiths will be one of them.

That evening, I'll be at Composition Gallery in Candler Park for the annual Bloomsday Celebration. I'll be reading selections from James Joyce's work with Rupert Fike and members of Theatre Gael, with musical accompaniment by Hubcap City. It starts at 8 p.m. This year I'm reading a passage from The Dead, but I still haven't decided what. Everyone traditionally reads Gabriel Conroy's closing passage about the snow falling on "all the living and the dead," but I may mix it up and read Greta's story of the death of her young lover, Michael Furey. And while we're on the topic of The Dead, why hasn't Criterion or some other company released John Huston's film on DVD in America? It's one of the finest films ever made and Anjelica Houston's performance as Greta is heartbreaking. Get on that, Criterion!

Hope to see some of you out and about this Saturday!

P.S. C. Dale's comment reminded me that I forgot to link to my latest post for the VRZHU blog on five poets you should be reading. C. Dale happens to be one of them. Click over and see who the other four are.


Looking forward to hear you read on Saturday!
C. Dale said…
Thanks for recommending my book on the Writers site.
Unknown said…
Hey there, I nominated your blog for a Thinking Blogger award. Maybe it's not really a nomination, but I think your blog is a thinking one How about that? Deb
Collin Kelley said…
Hey Deb, I appreeciate that, but if you scroll down the left bar you'll see I've already been given a Thinking Blogger Award. It's a very cool idea to promote other folks' websites. Thanks for thinking of me. :)
Kate Evans said…
I'm honored to be recommended by you! Thanks, Collin!

With everything you're doing, you are such a wonderful amabassador for the literary world.

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