CHECKING IN FROM VIRGINIA: Just a quick report. It's hot as hell in Portsmouth, VA but am having a lovely time with Donna. The Stevie Nicks concert was amazing! We were so close, it felt like we could touch her. I was able to get a photo pass for Donna's son Chris, who is a professional photographer, and he shot some of the most gorgeous photos of Stevie I have ever seen. I'll post a few up at the weekend.

This morning we're pre-occupied with the news of the foiled terrorist attack in London. Both Donna and I have so many friends there and every time something like this happens, we always have to take a deep breath and remain calm.

More soon.


Clare said…
Hey Collin

Send some of that nice weather over to London please. As you probably saw from the pictures on the news today we have crap weather right now.

Glad you had fun at the Stevie Nicks concert and look forward to seeing the pictures.
Kate Evans said…
"amazing"? That's all we get? Tell us more about the goddess.

London the beautiful, stand strong.


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