HALFLIFE CRISIS NOW ON iTUNES: I got an email today from CD Baby telling me that HalfLife Crisis is now available on iTunes. How bizarre to go there and see my album...bizarre, but very cool! Each track is 99 cents or you can buy the entire album for $9.99, which is actually cheaper than buying the physical CD from CD Baby. Here's the tracklisting:

1. ...and says "Yes" (ft. Denton Perry)
2. Better To Travel (ft. Christeen Snell)
3. Answering Machine
4. Battersea
5. Diners at 2 A.M.
6. Exhibit 1 (ft. Christeen Snell)
7. Short Time
8. Sex In My Parents' House
9. HalfLife Crisis
10. Los Angeles
11. The Clarity of Loss
12. What Remains
13. Funky-1 ( ft. Denton Perry)
14. Why I Want To Be Pam Grier (Live)
15. ...and says "Yes" (reprise)
Hidden bonus track


maybe u can tour with kelly clarkson
Anonymous said…
Cool. I just bought it.

Rachel Mallino said…
Collin, that is SO awesome- I'm definitely going to download it.
Kate Evans said…
When Ellen Bass read one of her most famous poems the other night, she called it a "hit single"!
how exciting!
Pris said…
I love your poetry, Collin!

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