WEEKEND UPDATE: Yesterday was the Poetry Atlanta reading at the new Wordsmiths Books in Decatur. We had a lovely little audience and the store graciously ordered many of the titles available by the poets performing, including Karen Head, Karen Wurl and Kodac Harrison. Slow To Burn is now available for purchase there, as is the award-winning Java Monkey Speaks Anthology Vol. 2. It was so cool to walk into the store and see the display for MetroMania Press, which included my book and Dr. Madelyn Hatter's Domestic Transmission. I forgot to take my camera yesterday, but I'm going back this evening for the Art Amok reading, so hopefully I can get some pics. Thanks to Russ and everyone at Wordsmiths for a great afternoon!

Last night, I joined Rupert Fike and members of Theatre Gael for the Bloomsday celebration at Composition Gallery. It was literally standing room only and many people were sitting along the walls. Gallery owner Ron Hughes does an amazing job of getting the word out for events like this. It was a fun evening full of music and familiar and new faces. I did read the passage from Joyce's The Dead where Gretta Conroy tells her husband Gabriel about her long lost love, Michael Furey. Theater Gael director John Stephens then read Gabriel's closing soliloquy as he watches the snow fall on "all the living and the dead."

Tonight is the 6th anniversary of Java Monkey Speaks and I'll be there to read and listen to feature Karen Wurl. More soon.


Unknown said…
Sounds like a nice place and a fun weekend!

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