In Memoriam: Ingmar Bergman

Bergman was one of my all time favorite directors. The Seventh Seal, Fanny & Alexander, Persona, Cries & Whispers, Wild Strawberries...all classic cinema. From the BBC.


This was sad news, Collin. He's one my favorite directors as well. Persona is #1 on my list of films. All his works are strong and very personal.
Pris said…
He was so special. I don't know of any other director who's done his very distinctive type of work.
Anonymous said…
RIP. He had a long and productive life. :)
Anonymous said…
Such a hard day with so many losses. I came to Bergman pretty late in college one Summer working at Blockbuster and I survived the job by taking it as an opportunity for a self-guided film class. I dove into the classics section of the stores I worked at. Kurasawa, all of Woody Allen, Almodovar, Pasolini, and of course Bergmann. Fanny and Alexander moved me in ways I never expected. I'll have to add them to the netflix cue.
We're so fortunate to have his memory encased in film.
Wild Strawberries' dream sequence was, well...if someone out there HASN'T seen it, see it....Cries & Whispers was brilliant, too...very sad to lose this legend...I started to Blog about him today, but I feel so sad... and I also felt sure you'd do a piece on him..Thanks, Coll!
It struck my throat for a couple of hours when I heard. I feel I am still recovering. Also recovering from T&T asking me who he was.


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