POETRY AT TECH: I just got the full calendar for the 2007-08 season of Poetry at Tech. Wowsers, kids! I am in some seriously good company. Here's the rundown:

September 21: Dorianne Laux, Joseph Millar and Alan Shapiro
October 18: Tony Hoagland and Dean Young
December 6: Katie Chaple, Jon Goode and Collin Kelley
February 7: Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Bruce McEver and Opal Moore
March 13: Elena Karina Byrne, Mike Dockins and Alessandra Lynch
April 17: Albert Goldbarth and Quincy Troupe

All the readings are either in The Clary Theatre or LeCraw Auditorium on the campus of Georgia Tech. Thomas Lux selects and introduces the poets each year for the series. All the readings are free and a booksale/signing follow each event. If you're in Atlanta, please come and support me and the other Georgia Poets on Dec. 6. The website is www.poetry.gatech.edu.


Dustin said…
I was thrilled when Laure-Anne told me at Palm Beach that she was coming to Atlanta in 2008.

The line up is excellent!

Looks like Beth's book party is the same night as the Laux/Millar/Shapiro reading!
Anonymous said…
What time is Millar/Laux/Shapiro?

I may drive down if I can make it there in time. 265 miles says Google, (and I lose an hour with the CST/EST).

The Tech website doesn't have it listed yet.
Collin said…
Hey Jilly, I believe it starts at 7 p.m. They will have the website updated soon with all the details.

Yes, Dustin, it is the same night as Beth's event. I hope she switches it. I really want to see Dorianne.

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