BLOG ACTION DAY, OCT. 15: On Monday, Oct. 15, bloggers around the world will post on one topic -- the environment. The goal is to get everyone talking about one of the most important issues facing our planet. On Monday, I'll be posting a special blog on the topic. To get involved in this Blog Action Day and to register your blog as a participant, go to Nearly 12,000 blogs from around the world have signed up to be part of this historic online event.

And congratulations to Al Gore and the UN Council for winnning the Nobel Prize today!


Anonymous said…
thanks for this, collin. i am definitely in.
I posted at My Blog about Al Gore, a little over a week ago--how he's on my "Dream Ticket"--I want Al Gore/Barack Obama.
I am so thrilled Gore won the Nobel!

And yeah--I'm on board for the Environment blogging!Thanks, Coll.
I appreciate your posting this, Collin.
Thank you for this notice, Collin.
I registered after dark yesterday
and entered a post about it. This
morning I added their 234x60.jpg.

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