CALIFORNIA BURNING: I've been glued to the television most of the evening watching coverage of the wildfires raging in Southern California. Regular blog commenter and friend Gav sent me an email tonight about driving up from San Diego to where he lives near Long Beach. The sky is raining ash, was the line in his email that stood out. He said the air in Long Beach, which is 40 or 50 miles from the nearest fire, smells of smoke and if you stand outdoors too long you start to feel your throat burning a little bit. I was in LA earlier this year during a windstorm and the idea of having fires like this burning at the same time is unimaginable. More than 1,500 homes destroyed and nearly a million people evacuated. Spare a thought for SoCal. (Photo courtesy LA Times)


Anonymous said…
Collin - the wind's got to die down, or the rain's got to come...otherwise the best they can hope for is to figure out a way to cut it off because they can't put it out...I'm right with you -prayers from NorCal.
Anonymous said…
Winds not quite as strong today but there are new fires burning and more people being evacuated.

Kate Evans said…
What an amazing photo.

I just posted 2 from my San Diego sister on my blog...not nearly as dramatic, but you can see what they're seeing.
A different take on all the fires burning--dear friends Kraig(lives in Santa Clarita!), and Alan(lives in Westchester, near LAX)both told me tonight"Oh, we have fires every year.This is really bad, but you get used to it."(!)
Kraig had the presence of mind to get out a video-camera.When I commented that he must have gotten an amazing sunset with red streaks, and grey ash falling, he said"oh, no, I was recording all the items in my home.You know, if I need it for insurance."
Good Lord! Here I thought he was capturing some amazing moment, but it was good ol' Kraig just being practical!
These folks just have no fear.
The devastation is very real, though, and so of course, my thoughts and prayers are with all those in California...

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