Most people have never even heard of the Armenian genocide -- the other holocaust -- that happened during World War I, when the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) killed as many as 1.5 million Armenians, along with Greeks and Assyrians. The people were rounded up and forced into camps, shot, drowned, poisoned, raped, tortured and sent into exile on forced marches into Syria and Mesopotamia (Iraq) with no food or water. Twenty-two countries recognize that what happened between 1915 and 1917 was genocide, but George Bush and Co. do not want Congress to pass a bill recognizing the holocaust. Why? Because it will hurt Turkey's feelings and we have a strategic airbase there supplying Iraq. Turkey -- 92 years later -- refuses to admit that it committed genocide and anyone who suggests their old dead ancestors would do such a thing is a heretic.

Isn't it funny how our government picks and chooses who to be "friends" with? This administration has made it clear it will support fascism and repression of people in other countries if it's in America's best interest. China, anyone? We don't need an airbase in Turkey because we don't need to be in Iraq. Fuck Turkey's hurt feelings and show a little humanity, Dubya, you fucking moron. I hope Congress passes the bill.

The video above is the great Diamanda Galas singing "Artemis" from Defixiones: Will and Testament, a song cycle in memory of the dead from the genocide. Defixiones, loosely translated, means we will not die in peace. Just as we remember the horrors of the Jewish holocaust, we should remember this terrible event as well. When preparing the "final solution" during World War II, Hitler believed the systematic murder of Jews would be forgotten by history. He was quoted as saying, Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?


and change your name Turkey!
Anonymous said…
Is it 2008 yet? Im ready for Hillary.

Anonymous said…
Is it 2008 yet? Im ready for Hillary.

Thank you for the thoughfilled, thoughtful post on what happened! As a person who is half-Greek(and recently discovered we may be Turkish, too!), it is not only a shameful event in history which Turkish people must remember(and APOLOGIZE FOR!), but an international tragedy.
It was indeed a Holocaust.

And good for you, Collin--this Administration gets away with, uh, well--murder. Time and time again.
jessica handler said…
Hi, Collin. The poet Peter Balakian has a tremendous memoir about discovering the effect of the genocide on his Armenian family. It's called "The Black Dog of Fate." And he's a fab poet, too.

And Dubya is a transparent idiot. Thanks for posting about this.
Stunning song/singer/video. And thank you - I knew nothing of the Armenian genocide until reading this.

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