POETRY UPDATE: Wake is at three contests and in one slush pile. Earlier this afternoon, I drew up a list of five more contests and another publisher with an open reading. The chapbook, After the Poison, is at two contests and one open reading, I thought a bit of panic would have set in by now about what's going to happen to Wake, but I'm actually not concerned at all. I think it will eventually find a home with a house that is willing to take a chance on the material. I dreamed last night it would be published in late 2008 or early 09. I'm going with that.

On the other hand, After the Poison feels like it has a "sunset" before I dismantle it and put it in the folder for future use. The poems are political in nature and seem more timely and urgent in the run up to the 2008 election, but if the chap doesn't get picked up, I'm not too fussed about that either. I'm either slipping or just feeling more confident about the work. Hopefully, it's the latter. Once again, Contest Central is the absolute "go to" for contests and open readings. Thanks, Melissa, for keeping it going!

A couple of folks have asked if I'm going to AWP in 2008 in the middle of blizzard season in NYC. Hell to the no. Whose bright idea was it to have AWP the last week in January? I'll be back for 2009 in Chicago. I looked back at my calendar since 2003 and realized I've been averaging about 30 readings each year. This fall is going to be the busiest since Better To Travel was published -- just look at my schedule over on the left of the blog. Next year is already shaping up nicely with the potential of going to Split This Rock in DC and a couple of European readings, which are in the works.

In the meantime, the new writing continues and I'm about ready to turn my hand back to some fiction.


Arlene said…
hey, you're one busy bee, collin! which must go well with your past life as a female slave (i don't think i'll ever get over thinking of you as one now).

good luck with the manuscripts and finding a home for them.

your date from hell is a riot!

Anonymous said…
Great news on the poetry.

Where is the second date from hell story? Hmmmm?

keep it up sugartit
Anonymous said…
You are always welcome Collin! congrats on the submissions - they'll get placed, I know it! Good for you for not panicking. I wish I wasn't.
Anonymous said…
ps: "turning your hand back to fiction" eh? Dare I suggest nanowrimo? I need some buddies for the duration!

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