QUICK WEEKEND UPDATE: A fairly quiet weekend, most of which I spent reading and catching up on Doctor Who and Torchwood. I also wrote a short piece of fiction, which I haven't done in ages. It was good to flex that muscle again. It made me want to pick up work on the second novel, which hasn't been touched in more than a year.

At least one of my poems that appeared in the online journal The Other Voices Project is set to appear in their first print anthology out sometime in 2008. Many thanks to the editors for the inclusion!

I met with Karen Head, David Matthew Barnes and Theresa Davis yesterday to map out a proposal for a panel at the 2008 Split This Rock Poetry Festival in Washington, DC. No idea if this will come to fruition, but we're hopeful. The featured poets list is a who's who -- Patricia Smith, Joy Harjo, Sonia Sanchez, Galway Kinnell and Mark Doty among them.

Atlanta's first ever GLBT Literary Festival is set for Oct. 26-28 and will be held at the Atlanta Public Library. I'm performing on Oct. 27 and will introduce members of Art Amok the night before. Details on this soon. Oct. 27 is also the day of the first Poetry Atlanta Presents... at Wordsmiths Books in Decatur. Tom Lux, Travis Denton and Tania Rochelle are the features and I'll be hosting. More at this link.

And thanks to Jenni Russell for giving me a JEmmy Award for my post about my date from hell. There is still a date that was worse than this, but, to paraphrase Destiny's Child, I don't think you're ready for that jelly.


you've inspired dates from hell week on my blog.

and if you dont post the jelly date i want an email ASAP
Oh dear God in Heaven--you had a date WORSE than your "date from hell" story?
I just re-read it, and I laughed 'til I cried.That story really is awesomely amusing.
Congrats on the JEmmy Award.
Anonymous said…
Is this the story about that guy who had an unfortunate accident at your apartment? I dont know if you should tell that or not. lol

cornshake said…
oh no you don't. You MUST tell us about the date that was worse. Pretty pretty please??
Kate Evans said…
What a coincidence...I just posted on my blog advice for fiction writing from Dorothy Allison.

Yay, Fiction! You go!
I am ready for it, Collin! I loved your date from hell post and want to hear more - more. Oh, be a sport!

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