REB LIVINGSTON & CHIRON REVIEW: Two good bits of news to post today. My interview with the multi-talented poet and editor Reb Livingston is now available for listening/downloading at Leisure Talk Network. It's a fun half-hour and Reb discusses how she started No Tell and reads selections from her latest collection, Your Ten Favorite Words. Check it out.

Last night I got an email from Michael Hathaway, the editor of the great Chiron Review, telling me that the journal is back in business! Hooray! It shut down after the Winter 2005 (I had four poems in that one) and seemed like it was dead and buried, but obviously you can't keep a good lit mag down. In its long history, 25 years to be exact, Chiron Review published new work by some of the best poets: Denise Duhamel, Charles Harper Webb, Wanda Coleman, Lyn Lifshin, Marge Piercy, Edward Field, Laurel Ann Bogen, Sherman Alexie and Charles Bukowski among countless others. Chiron will reopen for submissions in December. Here are the guidelines:

Dec. 1, 2007: Snail-mail submissions should be sent, with SASE to Chiron Review, 522 E. South Ave., St. John, KS 67576-2212. They will also take e-mail submissions, which should be sent to after Dec. 1. Put all poems in the e-mail text or as ONE attachment, not one attachment for each poem, please. Floppy disk and CD submissions in Rich Text Format (RTF) are also welcome. Photographs and art may only be submitted via snail-mail.

Editor Michael Hathaway had this to say about Chiron's resurrection: I hope CR readers and writers will forgive me for shutting down and then starting back up again. Chiron Review has always flown along on a wing and a prayer, had its delays and hiatuses, stopping and starting as finances and circumstances dictated. I do apologize for that and can offer no guarantees for the future. Chiron Review readers and writers have always gone above and beyond the call of duty to support the magazine and to spread the word. I hope you will continue that tradition now.

For more information and to buy a subscription (any journal's lifeblood, so do consider it) click this link.


Justin Evans said…
Thanks for the heads up on Chiron. I think I may submit.
Anonymous said…
I could really hear your southern accent in that interview. Reb sounds like fun.

Nick said…
This is good news. I always wanted to submit to them.
Pris said… don't by any chance have a transcript of that interview, do you? I have a hearing loss in the mid ranges and it's gotten bad enough that I have trouble understanding taped interviews or readings. I love Reb Livinston and would like to hear what she has to say!

I'll check back in a few days or you can get in touch with me through my blog or email link on the blog.


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