Weekend Music: Atmosphere - Joy Division

One of the most haunting songs and videos ever. The synth, strings and tambourine that kick in at 1:24 transport me back to the beginning of pop's New Wave.


Rupert said…
Nice cut - thanks - tho the vocal is a tad on the art skool band level . . . I just saw (got blindsided by actually)the previews for Control, the biopic of Ian Curtis/Joy Divison, in b/w of course - I was a bit stunned - seems to be getting good reviews tho, but whoa - a major film about Joy Divison - what next!?
Collin Kelley said…
Have you seen "24 Hour Party People" about Tony Wilson and the whole Manchester music scene? It's a bizarre mix of music, mockumentary and Steve Coogan is amazing as Wilson.
Anonymous said…
Very sad song. At first I thought the little people were KKK but I guess they are supposed to be druids.


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