WEEKEND REPORT: Finishing Line Press sent the contract for After the Poison! It's really happening. Part of the pre-publicity is FLP sending out postcards, so I've been collecting addresses from potential buyers. There will be a special offer to those who respond to the postcard and pre-order the chapbook -- no shipping cost! If you want to be on the postcard mailing list, send me an email at collinkelley@hotmail.com. The chapbook will probably cost $12 and although there is no release date yet, I'm guessing late spring or early fall. 

BFF Brent, who did all the photography for Slow To Burn, is going to take new pictures of me and shoot the cover concept we've cooked up. Not sure if FLP will go for it, but we shall see. We're planning to shoot in Oakland Cemetery, so that will give you an idea of the theme. 

I'm also making progress on editing the Java Monkey Anthology Vol. 3, which is due out this summer from Poetry Atlanta Press. We're joining the Lulu revolution, so it will be widely available online. I can tell you that this edition will feature poems from Beth Ann Fennelly, Thomas Lux, Patricia Smith, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Jackie Sheeler and Natasha Trethewey, to name just a few. 

Was very sad to hear about the massive fire at Camden Market in London (pictured). This was one of the first places I visited back in the early 90s and where I found many of my old Kate Bush 45 rpms. Hopefully, they will get it fixed up and open again. Camden Town is a fabulous place to spend a day if you're in London.


ButtonHole said…
I was really bummed to hear about Camden Town, too! I've found some incredible stuff there!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on getting the contract. I know you are excited.

It didnt burn all of Camden Town did it? Just the market.

Anonymous said…
Yeay! I contract in the hand!!!!!
My old stomping ground, Camden. I grew up round there.
Anonymous said…
Jilly Dybka
PO Box 81
Kingston Springs TN

send me a postcard :D

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