Blue Fifth Review Broadside

You can read one of the poems forthcoming in After the Poison thanks to Blue Fifth Review editor Sam Rasnake. He selected Patty Hearst On The Occasion Of Her Presidential Pardon for the Broadside Series. You can read it at this link. Make sure to explore the BFR site to read incredible poems by Evie Shockley, Peter Pereira, Catherine Daly, John Amen, Dorianne Laux, Rebecca Loudon, Barbara Jane Reyes and the dozens of other poets BFR has published over the last seven years. 

Also, be sure to check out and link to fabulous poet Karen Head's new blog.


love that it mentions Marie Antoinette; she's my favorite.

really liked the poem.
Anonymous said…
Love the poem!

Karen J. Weyant said…
Great Poem! Oddly enough, I'm working on a poem about Patty Hearst, also. It's about how I used to pretend being Patty Hearst when I was a little kid. Scary, I know.
Anonymous said…
collin, i thought your poem was amazing, and i'm not saying that to be nice.

the line i’d make Bonnie Parker cream her panties made me spit out my coffee; the last stanza was chilling. it reminded me of auden. as far as modern poetry is concerned, that's about as big a compliment as i can give.

can i get an autographed copy of after the poison?
Kate Evans said…
How'd you channel her like that?!
Collin Kelley said…
I'm fascinated by her and she pops up in my poems often for some reason. My late uncle knew her...they lived in the same building after she got out of jail, and he used to talk about how totally normal she was. I always try to make his stories jive with the image I put with this post. To quote The Robot -- it does not compute.
Anonymous said…
wow that is weird. I am also working on a Patty Hearst poem. Childhood nostalgia I guess LOL.
I'm headed over to the broadside link.
Peter said…
Great poem and pic. It takes me back.

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