21st Century Book Promotion

Author David Cass made this hilarious video to promote the release of his first book, Head Case. He's flummoxed by all the tools an author has to use to promote a book in the 21st Century: MySpace, Blogger, websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, e-mail blasts, dreams of getting on Oprah. It's hilarious, sad and oh-so-true. Every poet and writer should watch this. Thanks to Megan for sending me the link.


ButtonHole said…
I totally loved this!

Did you see the Obama/Curious George/Marietta protest video on that same page? I was thinking "great, of COURSE this has to take place in Georgia"! But then: a guy said "Yup sumbiddy in New Jersey done ordered a hunnert of em!"

Good to know racism is alive and well all over, huh? Gah.
Anonymous said…
And you always ask why i never bother with any of this shit.

Emily A. Benton said…
HAHA "what twitters"
Peter said…
Oh this is so true . . . hahahaha!
Kate Evans said…
this is hilarious...and it's sad cuz I don't know what a twitter is ...and I've never been on facebook...and I'm wayyy more technologically savvy than a lot of people in my life...this new world is threatening to leave behind everyone over 40...mymymy generation...
Collin Kelley said…
I know what it all is, it's just giving in and joining. I now have a blog, two MySpace pages, am on Facebook and now I'm on Twitter. The last frontier is video blogging and getting my on YouTube channel. I have a feeling that's coming sooner than later.
I say Yaaaa Collin!
This guy is hilarious... and it's truthful!
The frontier is already here.
I have my website, blog, and MySpace, and declined Facebook, but am I going ahead with it.
A YouTube channel is something we'll all be needing!

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