Disaster Fatigue

The Associated Press published an article yesterday stating that the double natural disasters in China and Burma have created what is known as "disaster fatigue" when it comes to donating to charitable organization. People are so overwhelmed by what they are seeing and hearing, they just ignore it and don't give anything. 

I usually make a small donation to a charity when something like this happens, but I have waited because of the situation with military junta/dictatorship in Burma. All reports from the region indicate that donations and supplies have been stymied or rounded up by the military for personal use and distribution to their cronies while thousands die. More than 132,000 are confirmed dead in Burma after the cyclone that struck May 3, 19,000 injured, untold are homeless. Of course America and its "allies" are not going liberate Burma, despite the fact that its under a brutal dictatorship and its rightful leadership, the National League of Democracy, is in exile and its president Aung  San Suu Kyi under house arrest for more than 12 years. Maybe if they had some oil, we would send in the troops? Don't even get me started on China, but at least its fascist government is helping the people after the massive earthquake that has now killed more than 40,000.  

Anyway, I am making a donation to UNICEF, which specifically aids children in disasters, and encourage everyone to do the same. Even if it's just $10 or $20.


Count me in on the donations to UNICEF.
Kate Evans said…
thank you, CK, I will.


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