Photos From New Orleans

What's left of the Lake Forest Plaza Mall on Read Boulevard -- nearly three years after Katrina.

Theresa "Rockstar" Davis performing at Saints and Sinners Literary Festival. That's Joan Larkin, Kay Murphy and Mark Doty behind her. 

The swanky Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the French Quarter, which was headquarters for Saints & Sinners. 

Me and Theresa on Bourbon Street. 


Anonymous said…
reading for Mark Doty . . . day-um!
how odd and sad that the gov't just left stuff in ruins. the least they can do it take it all to the dump.

you and T look lovely.

thanks for the note.
Anonymous said…
We used to ice-skate at the Plaza when we were kids. Ice-skating in New Orleans in the 1970s was... pretty freaking amazing.

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