"Straight Talk Express" Derails

Don't even THINK about voting for this moron.

Thanks for finding this Tania.


minus five said…
brave new films puts out some good stuff. you should sign up to receive their videos if you haven't already.

whenever i think of john mccain and his straight talk express, my mind goes to that part in "the jerk" where navin r. johnson is riding on that train with that kid who has "bullshit" written on the front of his shirt. then i picture that same train and scene on the white house lawn and it's even better.
Anonymous said…
Kate Evans said…
Well, he's about as with it and articulate as two-time president bush. Perhaps the supreme court will install mccain too.
Wow. Thanks for the post, Collin.
Brian Campbell said…
The banality of... banality.

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