Throw Soulja Girl From The Train

Have you seen this yet? This video has quickly gone viral and is making national news. A bit of set up: a young woman is filmed on a camera phone verbally abusing an elderly woman on Atlanta's subway, MARTA, using the Soulja Boy song as part of her tirade. She never actually touches the old lady, but gets very close and makes slapping motions at her face. The other riders don't do anything at first, but then it escalates to accusations of rape, wig snatching and "pressing charges." The young woman is in jail and claims to be bi-polar. This video is extremely not safe for work, children and small house pets.


That is fucked up. I feel so sorry for the elderly lady.
She is not exhibiting signs of Bipolar Disorder. She's just a fuckin' lunatic and someone should've hit her harder in defense of that old woman.
Anonymous said…
I know i shouldn't be laughing but I had to close the door to my office and cover my mouth with my hands and then watch it again. Are you sure this wasn't some sketch for a comedy show? It just seems unreal. I feel sorry for the old lady but Soulja Girl is a fierce hot tranny mess to coin a phrase.

Hansoo showed me this(I watched only about ten seconds of it), and I say she's on meth. Or something. It is absolutely sickening. I have not watched the entire piece--I'm not "taking it in", given the level of violence I hear is implicit in it. But thank you for the update on it. Glad she's (in jail) removed from society.
Anonymous said…
Wow. That is intense. She could certainly be bipolar. The manic cycles can be filled with delusions. Many other possibilities, though, meth included. I hope she gets whatever type of help she needs.
Jennifer said…
Best line in it: "Where my do rag at?"

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