AWP Says Thanks, But No Thanks

Found out this week that the Finishing Line Press reading I proposed for AWP 2009 in Chicago was rejected. Ah, well...  I'll still be there mingling and signing After the Poison at the book fair. 

Since I've become a total Mac convert, I'm buying myself and iPhone for my birthday in September. For Christmas I might by myself a new car. My current ride is 10+ years old and slowly starting to fall apart. I'll probably get a Ford Focus. Did you know that an auxiliary port for your iPod/Phone comes standard in a Focus? I'm just sayin'...

I had this horrible dream that I was living in the Cotton Mill Lofts again and my BFF had hung her dogs over one of the beams with an electrical cord. In the dream, not only was I able to bring one of them back to life, but turn him back into a puppy. God knows what Freud what say about all that, but I've got a poem cooking in my brain. 

I have so many books of poetry now that they need their own bookcase. I'm buying one this weekend. And a new lamp. And some picture frames. And a throw to cover up a comfortable, but ugly chair. 


Anonymous said…
Our proposal was also rejected: sober writers. Oh well. Another year of drinkfest with no respite for the recovering. Perhaps we should start a black market for all drink tickets we don't use.
Liz said…
hey Collin, a pity about the rejection but you seem to have loads of other good things to be getting on less the dream with fine poem-potential...looking forward to it ; )
Unknown said…

I am thinking of getting an iPhone in September, too--once they have the bugs out and I have some $$$.

You will be the first person I call.
Anonymous said…
I was over at the Grove and couldnt wait, so i bought one. I have to admit im absolutely obsessed with it. I'm posting this from the phone right now. HA!


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