Grace Jones Is Back!

Here's some hump day music/spoken word sure to freak you out just a little bit. "Corporate Cannibal" is Grace Jones' first single in 17 years and it's from a forthcoming album called Hurricane. Work it, Ms. Jones.


Alright Collin, I'm going to have nightmares, based on this video. The lyrics appear to be brilliant, but I coulda done without the video. She resembles a vampiric fetus in some scenes here.Eeeuuuw...Yikes!
btw, I met and danced with Ms. Jones back in the day(at the disco here in ATL known as "The Limelight"). She was gorgeous, and surprisingly--much smaller than I expected(I previously thought she was a giant)
Maggie May said…
oh my god she scared me so much as a child!
Anonymous said…
That is really really really disturbing. ANd amazing too.

Peter said…
OMG this was intense. Like a bad acid trip. Not that I would *know.* I'm just saying.
at 1:06 i stopped because my medications are not strong enough for me to forget about this one.
This is just perfect for my day, Collin. “habitual ritual” – Thanks for this.
RJGibson said…
OMG. I am so in love.

I so wanted to be Grace Jones in "The Living Daylights" as a little fagling.
Collin Kelley said…
^Me, too, with a Duran Duran soundtrack playing in the background. Actually, it was "View To A Kill" that Grace starred in. lol
Radish King said…
She was also in Pee-Wee Herman's Christmas Special.
Anonymous said…
my secret is my big crush on Donna Summer's new song, especially the "dance version."
Hey, PWADJ--I got to dance to that song--it's sooooo fabulous--at the Curve parties during PRIDE here in ATL!

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