The Last of July

It seems like yesterday that I was watching fireworks for 4th of July and now it's almost August. An incredibly hectic and busy month is over and I'm hoping to have some down time in August before all the readings and signings begin for After the Poison on Labor Day weekend at the Decatur Book Festival.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my reviews of The Dark Knight and X-Files. Seeing two movies in a cinema in a week's time is rare for me. I watch most of my films on cable or via Netflix. However, these were two "event" films, but as BFF Malory opined on Sunday, paying $10 to see a matinee is a complete rip-off. Amen, sister. That's how much it cost to see X-Files at Phipps Plaza for the 4 p.m. show. Crazy. 

On Saturday, we had one of the biggest crowds ever for Poetry Atlanta Presents... at Wordsmiths Books in Decatur. There were 40 people in attendance to hear Amy Pence, Maudelle Driskell and Alice Teeter read their work. Thanks to everyone who turned out. The next reading is Oct. 11 and will feature Cecilia Woloch reading from her new chapbook, Narcissus, and I can also tell you that this year's Voices Carry reading will be on Saturday, Nov. 8, also at Wordsmiths. The folks at the store, especially Zach and Russ, are incredibly accommodating and supportive. P.S. If you're looking for a copy of After the Poison, Wordsmiths has them now. 

Also, the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival committee has released its initial list of authors who will be reading and/or workshopping at the Oct. 15-19 event. We're very excited about our specials guests, so click on over to to see who we've rounded up.

Two of my friends in LA called minutes after the earthquake to check in and tell me what had happened, although one had trouble getting through. They said their apartments were swaying and rattling (no damage) and that the phone systems - both land and wireless - were overwhelmed. Oh, that does not bode well for the "big one" should it ever happen.

And, finally, below is the teaser trailer for Oliver Stone's new movie, W. I don't know if he's going for comedy, but this trailer is absolutely fucking hilarious. It's like a Saturday Night Live skit. Watch for Thandie Newton as Condi. I can't stop laughing.


Coll, thanks for the updates on all the poetry events. "Wordsmiths" is indeed a supportive bookstore, that deserves all OUR support!
And I burst out laughing watching this "W" trailer. We should throw a big "Dubya" party when we all go see it!Ha!
Collin Kelley said…
Just as long as it's not a $10 matinee. lol
Anonymous said…
Mark Doty at the Atl Queer Fest?! Damn! What a nice man. Class. I'm so there . . .
Anonymous said…
OMG this trailer is killin' me! OMG.
Anonymous said…
I was out of town and missed my own damn earthquake. No damage here in LB.


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