Shannon Leigh on HBO's Def Poetry

Shannon performing Sudanese Children on HBO's Def Poetry Jam. Thanks to Montgomery for spotting this.


Maggie May said…
it is hard to know what to say in the face of a loss this tragic. she seems like she was a person more alive than most.
An amazing work. "Selena" is a powerful piece as well.
Coll, I had seen this performance(I was addicted to Def Jam Poetry!), did not realize/recall it was "Sudanese Children" and her! But seeing it now, and hearing her speak the following phrases caused the downy hairs on my arms to rise.."there will be no fairy-tale ending.."
and " rescue..."
My deepest condolences to her devastated family. I hope they know how beloved she is, which is obvious from the outpouring of love seen in various venues online,and in-person.
Kate Evans said…
Thanks for this. She was a powerhouse energy.

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