Meeting Montgomery & Other Bits

Thanks to everyone who posted birthday wishes yesterday. I actually don't feel 39, nor am I having a mid-life crisis...yet. Don't worry, the moment I have one I'll be blog about it.

My co-workers took me out to lunch at one of my favorite spots, Manuel's Tavern. Yesterday was the first cool day we've had and you could feel a snap in the air. I had a big bowl of Brunswick Stew (yummy!) and some of Manuel's to-die-for cheese sticks. Today, the temperature was back in the 80s. I want autumn now!

Best part of my birthday was finally meeting the great Montgomery Maxton. I raced to the Atlanta airport and we met in the atrium  for about 25 minutes before he had to dash off and make his connecting flight to San Francisco. MM filmed me with his Flip camera and I'm now a YouTube celebrity. You can see the video below. Lord, I look so much better in black and white...  I took some photos with my phone but can't seem to get Bluetooth to connect with the Macbook, so I'll post 'em when I can get them out of my phone. Damn, I really want an iPhone.

CNN is reporting that Obama is up in the polls nationwide. Hooray! CNN has been doing a "poll of polls" where it aggregates all the various numbers. The McPalin bounce is over and old John made a serious gaffe this week on the economy. Lipstick Barracuda is under close scrutiny after she refused to comply with the investigation over "trooper-gate." 


Justin Evans said…
I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOO rush like a bat out of hell to the Salt Lake Airport (120 miles) to meet any of you guys! Even for 20 minutes!
u forgot to mention our toe-tappin' marathon we had in the john.

btw, when i got to my gate they were loading zones 1 & 2, i was zone 3. nick-of-time.
Lisa Allender said…
Hi Coll--lookin' good. Enjoyed seeing your "meeting".
btw, I checked out MM's San Francisco 2007 video on YouTube--the shots of various buildings and surrounding art & architecture were pretty glorious; the shots of frustration(out of Iraq graffiti, the homeless, the alienation implicit in large cities) a great contrast. And the Final shot:
a cute young man, head tilted towards MM. Tilting one's head towards a subject indicates strong feelings of love.
All that in 4 minutes and 40 seconds.
Next time, maybe get MM to hop around HotLanta with ya--you guys could make a great video!
Hope ur birthday was fab!
jaxx said…
happy birthday, collin! i'm so glad to hear you had a great day.

and still not looking a day over 19.

you want autumn now? come visit, autumn has arrived in nyc as of, like, today.

can't wait to see you!!!
You guys are just so cute.

I hope to see MM when he's in the Bay Area, but I still have this awful cold. We shall see. Otherwise, we'll all be TOGETHER IN ATLANTA soon!

My word verification had "clit" in it!!
amy said…
happy belated! not far behind you, i just turned 37 -- three cheers for almost-forty!!!

hope you had a blast,

christine said…
I love reading about local Atlanta places in blogland! Sounds yummy, your meal.

See you Sunday at Java Monkey. Such coolness and awesomeness for me to hear you read.
Emily A. Benton said…
i like getting to see and hear you speak :) makes me want to get a camera with better video.
Tania Rochelle said…
I love that we got to witness this meeting. Oh, the wonders of modern technology.
BLUE said…
this was you unscripted ... but you should really move to put some of those hot poems on YouTube. there is a video function on my new camera, and i'm def gonna be using it.

(((siggghhhh))). i really do miss cutting up with you. we were impossible!!! and nobody understands why i giggle so when i faintly utter the words: "try it on me!" and there's nobody to make faces at me across the room at poetry readings.

i now have to be civilized ... act like i got home training ... and pretend i have some damned sense.


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