100,000 strong for Obama in St. Louis

An amazing photo from CNN showing the 100,000+ people who showed up for Obama's rally in St. Louis yesterday. This morning, Colin Powell officially endorsed Obama on Meet The Press. Sarah Palin showed up on Saturday Night Live, but I'm not even going to bother posting the video. It was a wasted opportunity for SNL, Tina Fey and, frankly, it just wasn't funny. Amy Poehler's rap during "Weekend Update" had it's moments, but...  You can watch it here if you want, but my advice is to watch Kristen Wiig's hilarious "engagement surprise" skit.  


jaxx said…
seeing is believing -- i heard that 100k people showed up for obama in st. louis, but i couldn't quite get my head around that number. so thanks for posting the photo. my god! and earlier that day he spoke to a crowd of 75k in another city in MO. and i was delighted with the powell endorsement. momentum is ours!
Pris said…
Hi Collin
I taped Saturday Night Live...haven't watched the appearance yet. It probably would've been funny if she HADN't been on and let Tina Fey just do it.

And what a surprise in St louis. I lived there for a year many years ago and still have a close friend there. He's voting for Obama but tells me that the conservative/Republican groups are strong there. This photo is encouraging!

And last but not least, your book arrived from Amazon yesterday but I didn't see it in the mail until bedtime. I've started reading it and it is really good!! A book of poetry with a social conscience that isn't boring. 'Isn't boring' aren't the right words. It sings! I love it. When I finish it I'm going to add it to my goodreads list. I don't know if you belong to that site. People post what they're reading and their reviews. Anyone on your friends list shows up in a once a day email notification. I've found some good books that way. That means my note on yours will go out to about 50 people or so.

Now if I can start garnering more buyers for my own new chapbook...without being able to do readings it's hard.

Words of the day...Everyone. BUY COLLIN'S BOOK!!

Collin Kelley said…
Pris, yes, I'm on good reads. Do post some thoughts about it. And thanks for the endorsement and shout out. You're a sweetheart!
Great photo! I think it's an amazing time when a candidate can draw so many people out to an election rally. I went to the Clinton rallies in Seattle in the 90's and it was nothing compared to this year. It makes me hopeful to see so many more people involved and interested.

And I saw the SNL skit. I was kind of amazed that she sat through the rap, but I guess what I see as negative characteristics of her she sees as positive. It was sort of surreal to see her there on stage. I was bummed they didn't put Fey and Palin side by side so we could see if we could tell them apart. ;-)
Hi Coll, and all,
I bet they didn't put Tina next to her, because she (Tina) probably refused! In the closing shot of the show, all "guest stars" usually gather in front, on our(facing screen)right. But look where Tina Fey was--for the first time--far away, behind--and on the left!
I HATED that they had her(SP) on--it somehow "legitimizes" her(yuck!).
That "engagement surprise" was indeed the funniest bit last night, Coll!
Almost forgot--breathtaking shot of the Obama crowd!
Anonymous said…
cool photo. I hope all of them actually vote for Obama.

Anonymous said…
So excited by Powell - and I LOVED AP's rap. I was cracking up when they shot the moose. But yes, the intro was a missed opportunity.

Anyway, also cried over Wiig. She IS comic genius.

Um, Marky Mark, I still love you.

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