Reading at Cornelia Street Cafe Tonight

If you're in NYC tonight, I'll be reading at the fabulous Cornelia Street Cafe, 29, Cornelia St., in Greenwich Village. The reading starts at 6 p.m. in the downstairs performance space and the cafe serves incredible food and drinks. 

Tomorrow I'll be hanging out, doing some work and hopefully getting over to MoMA for the Van Gogh exhibition. Tomorrow night, Cornelia St. host and fab poet Jackie Sheeler and I are planning to go down to the Teamster's Union Hall and volunteer at the phone bank making calls to the battleground states for Obama.

More soon!


Anonymous said…
have a great reading (I love that spot) and don't forget to go to Amy Ruth's!
T. said…
The Van Gogh exhibit is marvelous -- not to be missed!
Congrats on your reading, Coll--I sent ya "Break A Leg" e-mail last night!
Van Gogh? I'm pining.Enjoy the show.
And good on you--volunteering. I'm headed to Roswell Democratic Headquarters on Monday to volunteer.

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