Vote for "That One"

I'll take "that one" over an out of touch, angry old fossil any day. Vote Obama/Biden on Nov. 4 or just stay home.


DeadMule said…
Collin, Where did you get that campaign button? I'm stealing it!!!
Lisa Allender said…
Did you create this--it's adorable! I'm with Helen of Deadmule--I want one, too!
Anonymous said…
That One Button: Love it!

Brokaw: whiney baby!
Pris said…
Me, too!!!!

Hey, I ordered your book from Amazon, only to find out when I was all the way through checkout that they only sell used ones and that I'm in a waiting list for one to come in. YEEEccchh! Never wanted THAT option.

If one never does come, I'll come back and order it the proper way.
Collin said…
Pris, actually the books on Amazon aren't used. It comes new from Finishing Line Press. Amazon just lumps new and used copies together in the market place. Or you can order directly from the press.
Ned said…
Collin and all,
Our number 1 problem is not that we are:

gay or straight,
pro/anti gay marriage
pro life / pro choice
Democrat / Republican
Pro Iraq war / against it
Obama-Biden / McCain-Palin

One problem that we as Americans all have in common is the out of control Fed Reserve:

This article puts into words our plight.
jaxx said…
that's exactly what i told my dad, grizzled old republican that he is. just stay home!

i wish the election was today.
christine said…
What a comment. It really irked me when he said that. He's a scary man.
Anonymous said…
I'll make a button of this and send it to you.

Pris said…
You must've added the above you tubes after I commented. Those make me want to throw up my hands and shriek!

And check this blog (different subject)

It's the next OCHO call (Menendez production). Thought you might want to submit and or pass on the word. Sounds like it's going to be a wild, good issue.


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