Pushcart Prize Nominations

I received a lovely note from Blue Fifth Review editor Sam Rasnake this morning that he has nominated "Patty Hearst On the Occasion of Her Presidential Pardon" for a Pushcart Prize. I'm in great company from B5R with Susan Terris, Jeff Mann, Felicia Mitchell, Oliver Rice and Amy Riddell. Sam has been so supportive of my work over the last few years, and I'm honored he thought this poem (which is included in After the Poison) was worthy of a nomination. You can read the poem at this link or see me performing it at my YouTube channel.

In other Pushcart news, Kodac Harrison and I selected five poems from the Java Monkey Speaks Anthology Vol. 3 for nomination. The poets: Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, Rupert Fike, Jackie Sheeler, Sharan Strange and Beth Ann Fennelly. If you haven't purchased a copy of the anthology, you are missing out on some incredible poetry. Visit www.poetryatlanta.com to buy yours. The anthologies are only $12 (including shipping and handling) and make a great holiday gift.

My next "Read This" feature will post over the weekend, and it's a big winner. That's a hint. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I'm off to my parents house, but we're going out to eat this year so that will either be a nice change or a total nightmare. More soon.

P.S. I'll be posting Rachel Maddow's brilliant breakdown of the federal bailout debacle later this afternoon....after Judge Judy and Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode where womens' heads literally explode from excitement at all the free shit Winfrey gives away.


Maggie May said…
that. is. awesome. i'd be creaming MY panties, as you reference in your poem. Pushcart! and your poem- wonderful. the flow and sharp command of the narrative voice is absorbing. i especially loved:

"I’ve got a sawed-off carbine and cyanide bullets,
check out this beret, I’m a modern day Che Guevara,
I’d make Bonnie Parker cream her panties,
when I strike my pose in San Francisco,
I smile for the security cameras, I’m making
a withdrawal.

Dear Donald DeFreeze, sounds like a Superman villain,
looks like Superfly, so much hotter than Daddy,
who gives away cheap food to the poor,
no beef or lamb, a Marie Antoinette with no throne.
No mind control here, just a little deprogramming"

seriously great.

and the ending too, hits the exactly right rhythm and note.
Anonymous said…
Congrats Collin!
Anonymous said…
Congrats and happy turkey day!

Rachel Mallino said…
congrats, collin. And I'm looking forward to that Doty review. =P
christine said…
Collin, that's really great news about the nomination. Exciting stuff. It's one of my faves from the collection, but then again, I might say that about all of them. Your reading is charged, powerful.

Have fun at dinner! There should be a good story coming from it.
DeadMule said…
Congratulations Collin.
Justin Evans said…

Wonderful news! It's one of those poems which is truly great. Well deserved, indeed.
jackie said…
congrats on patty hearst, collin. that is a great poem, and i loved hearing you read it at cornelia. that nomination is well deserved and i sure hope you win it!
Lisa Allender said…
Hi Coll, CONGRATULATIONS!You deserve this, it's one of your very best pieces!
jessica said…
WaHOO! Isn't this the greatest (okay, ONE of the greatest) feeling?
Liz said…
Collin, another hip, hip, hooray from me...love that poem...well done.

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