Sharon Olds Tonight & Other Notes

If you're in Atlanta, don't forget tonight is Sharon Olds' reading at The Literary Center at The Margaret Mitchell House. She'll be reading from and signing her new collection, One Secret Thing. I can't wait to see her again! 

My YouTube launch has had a few glitches, mainly because the videos of my performance are uploaded on Jackie's channel instead of mine. When you search for my channel it doesn't show up anywhere, which means you can't subscribe to it. A number of people have already alerted me to this. I'm going to see if I can beg Jackie to upload the vids to my channel or I might just upload some of my own video. I also removed the YouTube player from the sidebar because it's buggy and only shows up about half the time. I think my launch was a bit premature. That'll learn me.

Also, Hotmail is being a total bitch. I haven't been able to send emails all morning. I'm moving to Gmail pronto. I've had it with all things Microsoft. 


i had nothing to comment on but when i saw my word veri i got excited:

Oooh, enjoy Sharon. I got to hang out with her in Jan. at the Palm Beach Poetry Fest, and she was an absolute joy to be around. My favorite quote from that week: "Evan, nature abhors the waste of any erectile tissue."

Is she not the best?
Collin Kelley said…
Sharon is a total delight. Just got back in from the reading. It was transcendent for me. I'll be posting about it tomorrow and her new collection will be my "Read This" feature for the week.
christine said…
Collin, it was amazing, wasn't it? What a treat, that last poem... . I'll leave your readers in suspense,*smile* It was so good to see you too.
Anonymous said…
Did she read that poem they used in the movie Into the Wild? I love that poem by her.

Pris said…
I can barely wait to read your impressions, Collin. I've admired her poetry for so long!
Maggie May said…
i'm so jealous!
Arlene said…
sounds exciting, collin. wish i lived nearby!

love your hurt poem, fab reading, too -- sure takes me back to san francisco. we stayed in the fisherman's wharf area. so many homeless people....

befriend me at goodreads, hon'.

Anonymous said…
So jealous you are seeing Sharon! She'll be awesome. The book: awesome.

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